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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> is there any public comment on this item? been none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners? >> i move to accept staff recommendations. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? it is unanimous. item passes. >> item 11, lafayette park. >> good morning, commissioners. product manager from the recreation and parks capital division. the item before you is an award of construction contract for the lafayette park renovation project. lafayette park is one of the parts being renovated under the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond. we are recommending that you wore this contract of landscaping and construction, as
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well as two other actions, which are to relieve construction and builders from their bids. this project was advertised for construction in january. we opened bids on very 22. after the bids were opened, we received two protests, two requests for relief of the contract. therefore, we were unable to come to the capital committee with the recommendation at their meeting last week. that is why this item is before you today. since that time, the department of public works has completed their review in repaired to make a recommendation to you on this matter. the first is the relief of the bids. we are recommending that this commission believes the two
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bidders because they did provide documentation that they had made a clerical error in their bid. this is not surprising since this package was a very complicated package which included not only a basted with multiple lines, but also 12 alternates that were involved with the enhancement to the playground, which is described in the bid package. with the relief of the bids, only one of the two protests would be applied. we review the protest of the bid and determined it was not significant, and that we have denied that protest and are now recommending that the bid be found to be the lowest responsible bidder. therefore, we are hopeful you will award the contract to
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bauman today and allow the project to move forward. we are prepared to begin construction in may. this is a 10-month construction period. we anticipate having the park opened in march 2013. one other item associated with this project, which i wanted to give you an update on. we do have a partnership with the friends of lafayette park playground to fund the enhancements to the playground. in the bid package there were 10 playground enhancements, and we will be before you within the next two months with a gift from the friends of lafayette park playground, in order to find, if not all, a large number of the enhancements to the program. that concludes my report. happy to answer any questions. >> is there any public comments on this item?
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being none, public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion? moved. seconded. all in favor? unanimous. thank you. >> item 12 open space contingency reserve fund. sunnyside playground club house. >> good morning, a capital improvement program. this is an expenditure of the reserve fund. we made a presentation a few weeks back to the capital committee which they approved. what we are looking for, it was a request from the friends and neighbors of the sunnyside playground to renovate a small storage space underneath the club house which is adjacent to the renovated plaza at that facility. currently, it houses miscellaneous equipment.
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they requested that the modified into a kitchenette to support the plaza space. it could be programmed and functions as a venue for birthday parties and other activities. in your packet, who on the back page, you see a rough sketch of that. we will be using our job order contract system to complete this work. proposal from synergy for 33,006 and $45. that will allow us to complete the minor renovations to the space. this will be carved into two spots. one will remain a storage space for our operation vote in the field and then the other space will be utilized as the small kitchenette space. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? please come forward.
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good morning, commissioners. >> on behalf of the sunnis are part families and neighbors who have been representing, for over 20 years, and dedication to the neighborhood park, we ask that you approve this unique addition to the already successful and renovation. we thank the capital committee and especially commissioner buell for launching the solution. the plaza concept surfaced about 15 years ago when the community was dreaming about a renovated sunnyside park. of primary interest was reflecting a long cultural history in the neighborhood who wanted a gathering place in the neighborhood known as la plaza. a small room was included in the renovation providing access to utilities so that hon beverages and simple food service is possible. specific two outdoor events,
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sunnyside's plaza is less formal but would provide similar convenience. here is an opportunity to have a sense of being in the community within earshot of children, yet far enough away to create a serene environment. the plaza is of particular interest to the adult, teens, and civic groups in the neighborhood. the proper room when an appellee appointed plaza and a marketable addition to the parks portfolio for residents who would not choose to hold a party and the part can now enjoy being outdoors. picnic tables in the middle of a field are not always everyone's preference for holding a special gathering. the process of choosing how to spend this surplus of capital dollars was very long. we had numerous large community, smaller advocacy planning, neighborhood associations, and department meetings. every idea was explored.
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lists were prioritized. in the end, some ideas were excluded by the department and the remaining community choices were always included at the top. even the best of planning processes, not everyone agrees, but in the end, we understand how we got where we are. some insisted on including things that were -- like portable toys or things that would need tearing out, already renovated things, like a small field, which did not want. we think we have a legitimate collection of people in the department who are supportive of this idea and are looking forward to holding their community group of men sit there in a more sophisticated environment. we are very excited about this. we thank you and invite you in advance to our first party. we will have shish kabob and my
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special lemonade. >> is there anyone else that might to make public comment? bill? >> i just wanted to thank commission buell and lee for listening to us. i just really appreciate the fact that this has been followed through to its conclusion. i look forward to its completion. we have been here before. i just hope that it is now finished and we can enjoy it. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? and being none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners? >> move, seconded.
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all those in favor? it is unanimous. >> item 13, general public comment continued. is there anyone that wants to make the general public, and that has not already done so? >> this is a problem that i was not aware of in our neighborhood until we were preparing for the concert last friday night at the sunnyside conservatory. i am waiting because i'm trail was parking her car across the street. as a major she got across safely, and there was a group of skateboarders coming down monterey. i was amazed at the noise they were making and the fact that the first time through, i counted six people in both lanes.
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the pact and it was 6:00, it was rush hour did not deter them. then there were more coming. eventually, i counted 13 kids on skateboards skating between cars, between buses. i know there is a skateboard park planned for the corner of san jose and ocean. i am really hopeful that that will draw people to a safe environment where they are not arguing with buses and cars at 6:00 in the evening. i have to confess, perhaps that is a wild wish, but i was just amazed. i was at the bart station. i had never seen them.
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it was as loud as motorcycles and certainly a lot more dangerous. when you are propelling yourself down, and a bump in the road means that you can go sideways. even if the car was inclined to slow down and stop for you, it would have been somebody seriously hurt. i just want to bring that up. i know the solution is in the works. if there is anything you can do to facilitate that happening sooner rather than later, there are lives that are at stake. thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to make general public comment? being done, this item is closed. item 14. commissioner's matters. >> commissioner lee. >> i am sorry i got here late i wanted to commend the general manager on a very successful
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ping pong tournament, table tennis, that was held at the county fairgrounds -- county fair building. we had a professional tournament for two days. some of the best players in the country were there, including an olympic hopeful from the bay area, and barney read. it was just amazing to go to the building and to see all of the tables set up, people, five years old up to 95 years old playing ping-pong. we also had disabled people, people in wheelchairs', and it
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was a tremendous sight to behold that we were doing this. this is the second tournament we have held. the first was last year. this is a sport that is really taking off commack and it has always been a big sport in the asian-american community, but it is expanding beyond, particularly among the senior population, because it is a sport seniors can play late into life and it helps their conative abilities and keeps their hand eye coordination active and engaged. i would like to see more of these events be held by rec and park and that we should consider for commissioners matters possibly having another tournament at the opening of the chinese recreation center now
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known as betty hong recreation center. that would be a great way to celebrate a new recreation center. perhaps this is something we can discuss further at a later meeting. >> thank you. >> are there any other commissioners? public comment on this item? and being none, public comment is closed. item 15. new business, agenda settings. is there any public comment? the none, public comment is closed. 16 is communications. is there any public comment? being none, public comment is closed. item 17, adjourn. >> i believe we want to adjourn in the memory of carter church. we will know that in the record and entertain the motion. move, seconded.
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all those in favor? thank you very much. >> i have 2 job titles. i'm manager of the tour program as well as i am the historyian of city hall. this building is multifaceted to say the very least it's a municipal building that operates the city and county of san francisco. this building was a dream that became a reality of a man by the name of james junior elected
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mayor of san francisco in 1912. he didn't have a city hall because it was destroyed in the earth wake of 1906. construction began in april of 1913. in december 1915, the building was complete. it opened it's doors in january 1916. >> it's a wonderful experience to come to a building built like this. the building is built as a palace. not for a king or queen. it's built for all people. this building is beautiful art. those are architecture at the time when city hall was built, san francisco had an enormous
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french population. therefore building a palace in the art tradition is not unusual. >> jimmie was an incredible individual he knew that san francisco had to regain it's place in the world. he decided to have the tallest dome built in the united states. it's now stands 307 feet 6 inches from the ground 40 feet taller than the united states capital. >> you could spend days going around the building and finding something new. the embellishment, the carvings, it represents commerce, navigation, all of the things that san francisco is famous for.
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>> the wood you see in the board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand kof carved out of wood and it is a cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this
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building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today. chairperson farrell: good afternoon. welcome to the government audit
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and oversight committee. i am joined by vice chair sean elsbernd and president david chiu. i want to think -- thank sfgtv. >> please make sure to silence all the vices. speaker cards should be given to the court. items will be acted on during the april 3 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. item number 1, adopting and implementing amendment 2 to the service employees international union, local 1021. >> this amendment is an amendment to the current contract the city has with sciu local 1021 to implement a legal settlement surrounding some
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outstanding litigation. it does not affect the current year budget in any way. all agreements will take place at the close of this. supervisor elsbernd: the costs associated for the out years, the next two years -- there was a lot in the controller's letter i did not understand. the employees have agreed to notice these costs in current negotiations and credit them as such -- what does that mean? >> based on our agreement to start paying released individuals' premiums, it will cost the city approximately $4.80 million, which is about 0.65% of payroll. that will actually count toward the settlement in the city's favor during the current year's
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negotiations. we are in bargaining right now for a successor agreement. this will count toward the cost of that agreement. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. chairperson farrell: any other comments? with that, we will open it up to public comment. other members of the public that would like to comment on this item? please lineup on the side. come on up. >> my name is gus feldman. i am a field representative. i have the proud owner of representing and advocating for the hard-working employees of san francisco general hospital. as we know, back in 2009, there was a stream of unfortunate circumstances that left, i believe, approximately 300 of our members previously classified as nursing assistants with pay deductions amounting to about 20%. there were doing the same work
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they're doing prior to what we called the de-skilling of the patient care assistant classification. they are doing the same exact work, yet woke up one day with a notice that their pay was to be reduced by about 20%. this was a gross injustice. as you guys probably recall, we fought against it with the utmost vigor and passion that we could. it is very much a relief that since 2009 our members voted to sacrifice their own pay to create a fund to supplement the loss in pay of these 300 edec = = de -- 300 the classified employees. -- 300 declassified employees. we would like to thank the labor
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relations portion of human resources for working with us to resolve this matter. we think this committee as well for reviewing this and hopefully of proving it. thank you. chairperson farrell: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is douglas yep. i used to work at san francisco general hospital. i am a little puzzled by this mou. mainly i am puzzled as to why it was assigned to this committee. it seems this is a financial matter rather than an audit and oversight matter. i do not know whether it actually belongs here. i have a feeling that maybe it is here because there is something else to do on this committee. i find that a little hard to believe, but maybe i am wrong. i would like to thank mr. feldman for his comments. he is part of the new 1021.
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in my opinion, it is a vast improvement over the previous 1021 i had to endure with. hopefully, this mou, whichever way it goes, will benefit the union. hopefully, the union will continue to improve itself. we have to be optimistic in the future, even though, according to my interpretation, the union sometimes cooperates with the employer to often. it is kind of like the nfl situation, where you need a commissioner to put down the hammer on people that obstruct justice. the last thing i have to say it is -- who is the next coach sean peyton? chairperson farrell: thank you. next speaker. >> gabriel holland, san francisco but the coordinator for 1021. i want to thank the city for
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bringing this to your city. i hope you support it. our union supports it. as gus feldman mentioned earlier, deskilling captures part of the picture. to go more global, it is about valuing the work of people of color. that is why these classifications years ago had a raise. we had a comparative for the study and found those positions were underfunded because the were primarily women and people of color. 80% to 90% women and people of color. the value of their work, because of sexism and racism, is considered lower. those wages were increased. we were sorry to see the decrees and fought vigorously against that, as some of you may know. we are pleased this wrong was addressed before. we are pleased it is being addressed again. thank you very much. chairperson farrell: thank you.
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any other members of the public that wish to speak? seeing none, a public comment is closed. colleagues, any comments? entertain a motion. a motion to send this forward with recommendations to the full board. can we take that without rep -- without objection? so moved. >> there are no further items. chairperson farrell: meeting adjourned.
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